De addiction Centre in Patiala: With a goal to eradicate the spiraling problem of drug and alcohol, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma founded  Nasha Mukti Kender Rehabilitation center in 2000.

How De addiction Centre in Patiala helps you?

De addiction centre in Patiala made their special place in the society.Many families have benefited from these centres and appreciate their hard work in making an individual live his normal life once again. De addiction centre in Patiala is specially designed for addicts which comprises of all the facilities and activities that can be used to heal an alcoholic.

De addiction centre in Patiala gives the patient  a perfect environment to heal and live his normal life again. It is located in the area where there is peaceful environment. It is away from the hustle bustle of the city. This kind of environment is important because the addict needs peace and comfort while going through the treatment.

One of the best treatments that have worked wonders is meditation and yoga programs. Meditation programs are designed for addicts that have a healing effect and help the addict to get back their mental peace. There are many yoga sessions held for alcoholics that make them physically active and strong.

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Our Treatment:

We at De addiction centre in Patiala do lots of therapies along with Medication, Meditation and Yoga and other stress reducing therapies on a daily basis at our De addiction centre in Patiala for Alcoholic and Drug addicted patients.

Our day starts with Yoga and Meditation followed by a healthy and balanced diet. Then there is a consultation session of patient with the specialized doctor.We are treating people from all over Patiala. Our De addiction centre in Patiala, De addiction centre in Rajpura, De addiction centre in Sangrur, De addiction centre in sunam have treated numerous patients, who even started their life normally like others.

How We treats Patients

We have 12 Step Program to treat our patients. Moreover we do lots of therapies along with Medication, Meditation and Yoga and other stress reducing therapies on a daily basis in our Alcohol De addiction Centre in Patiala for Alcoholic and Drug addicted patients. Our Diet includes including a lots of fruit and green vegetables that will make a balanced diet.

It is our best amenities and treatment method we are considered Best De addiction Centre in Ludhiana. We provide Rehabilitation services in all over Punjab including Patiala, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala and many other cities. We also provide De addiction services in all over Haryana as well.

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Facilities at our Alcohol Deaddiction Centre in Patiala

Our Rehabilitation service: We provide best facility in our center for drug abuse, Alcohol addicted patients

  • We are well equipped with all advance latest treatment methods which uses among all best rehabilitation centers in Patiala.
  • We have our own kitchen garden and farms where we grow our own organic green vegetables without use of any pesticide to provide good nutrition balanced diet to our patients’ physical as well as mental health.
  • Our center is located at a very calm area and away from the cities hustle bustle.In the frontyard we have grown Ashoka trees side ways farms.
  • We have a Swimming Pool with a garden by its side where we do recreational activities (Yoga, Meditation, Sun-Bath etc.).
  • In our backyard we have a Volleyball and a Cricket ground for Outdoor games.

Why Choose Our De addiction Centre in Patiala?

  • We have Best Success Rates of Patients.
  • Air Conditioning Rooms are also available
  • Hygienic meals (Balanced Diet Chart for every individual patient).
  • Daily basis checkup by specialized Doctors.
  • Best Yoga Trainer.
  • 12 Step Program.
  • Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Checkup on a Regular Basis.
  • Special Therapies and Treatment.
  • Pick and Drop Facilities.
  • 4 Hours Ambulance available for patients.

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