Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala

What do you need to know about Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala?

The rising number of addicts in Punjab is a cause for concern for the entire region. Government is taking many effective measures to curb this rise. 

As part of this initiative, treatment facilities for substance abuse have sprung up over Punjab. About 50 people can be accommodate at this government-approve drug rehabilitation facility.

Patients suffering from drug addiction are send to the “Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala” (alcohol, drugs, smoking). The stays of all types of patients are fully accommodat. Different accommodations have been establishe for them, just as there are unique places for men, women, and children. All of the patient’s needs are attended to with the utmost priority. As regular folk, we receive all the help we could need. Rehabilitation facility is situate in a serene environment and also was design with a great aesthetic flair. The calm as well as welcoming atmosphere of the treatment centre makes the patient feel like he has been transport to a heavenly place.

Facilities Offered

We promise you a safe, clean place to work on bettering your life.

You can count on our professional staff and team to be here whenever you need us.

Patients will be monitore around the clock.

Yoga, counselling, and meditation will form the basis of our care at Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala.

The patient will have access to all the amenities the average person requires.

A doctor will conduct checkups regularly.

Treatment offered by the Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala

  • Treatment of alcohol addiction: –

Most of our patients who seek help for substance abuse also struggle with alcoholism since it’s so readily available. Regular alcohol intake is associated with a variety of medical ailments. After undergoing therapy at our Best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala, patients no longer feel the need to drink alcohol. So if you want to kick your drinking problem, now is the time to get in touch with us.

  • Treatment for a Mixed Diagnosis: –

A person in this situation suffers from both mental disease and drug addiction. This patient needs both psychiatric and pharmaceutical care. Because of this, we are the only Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala that specialises in treating patients with a dual diagnosis. Feel free to seek our treatment services if you believe you are enduring similar issues.

  • Remedy for Heroin Dependence: –

There is a growing population of drug addicts in Punjab nowadays. Heroin is a deadly narcotic that can quickly take someone’s life if they use too much of it. Heroin treatment lasts longer than other treatments because the drug’s addictive nature is so severe. So if you want to get over it, feel free to call our De-addiction Centre.

  • Residential Treatment Program –

Nasha Mukti Kendra’s residential treatment programmes in Patiala include substance misuse therapy and food and shelter. Depending on the individual’s requirements, residential treatment facilities may provide either short-term or long-term agenda of the Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala.

  • Family Program

According to studies, the likelihood of a successful outcome increases dramatically when love ones are include in the therapy of an addict. Because they are often the first to notice that their love one has a problem, family members play a crucial part in the recovery process. They must appreciate the patient’s condition and provide full support throughout the healing process. Because of this, it is consider the top Nasha Mukti Kendra.

  • Medical Detoxification

Substance addiction, such as drug or alcohol usage, has psychological and physical effects. Our facility offers medical detoxification, which means we employ a staff of licenced medical experts. They check in on your situation regularly and keep you safe from harm as your body goes through withdrawal.

  • Aftercare Facilities –

Addiction Recovery Does Not End With Rehab Services. Instead, It Begins There. Support for patients’ ongoing well-being is another focus of our Patiala centre, Nasha Mukti Kendra. They ensure the patient recovers entirely by scheduling regular therapy sessions. 

Why choose us?

Whether our love ones have faith in this addiction treatment method is the primary factor in our decision. Our annual success rate consistently exceeds 90%. Our intoxicate clients come to us in a terrible state, but after they get clean and sober, they are ready to take on the world. And if they ever have any further drug problems, the experts at the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala will be prepare to help.