About NASHA MUKTI Kender Foundation

Nasha Mukti kendra is broadly acknowledged as an efficient and hospitable alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Patiala, India. we offer sophisticated yet futuristic refined treatments to the patients. We at Nasha Mukti kender Punjab, believe in providing a holistic healing to lead an extraordinary recovery experience for individuals struggling with drug, alcohol, and other addictions. Professional rehabilitation services could be the solution if you or someone you know is suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction. Nasha Mukti kender Punjab emphasizes on accommodating you with the needed support during your withdrawal process and provides required therapies to help you in dealing with essential mental health issues, like trauma, anxiety and depression.

Nasha Mukti kender Punjab offers specialized sessions and programs for people with Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, Depression, trauma and other psychiatric illness. We have a team of prestigious professionals and specialists at our rehabilitation center in Punjab that believes in serving multidisciplinary care that approaches all the aspects of well-being with the help of medical diagnosis, therapy sessions, counselling, nutrition, health & fitness, psychosocial rehab and a collection of on-the-house treatments